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Information Technology Key Trends

Gartner Predicts 2002: Emerging Trends and Technologies
Jackie Fenn.

Gartner Dataquest Market Databook
George Shiffler III, Roger Fulton, Michael Palma, Wm. L. Hahn.

Software Infrastructure

Now Is the Time to Market Software
Joanne Correia.

Megaforces in the Software Industry Causing Natural Selection
Joanne Correia, Joe Wang.

BAM: A Composite Market View
Joanne Correia, Norma Schroder.

Communications Infrastructure

Communications Industry Outlook: 2001 IT Spending and 2002 IT Initiatives
Venecia Abe.

Global Telecommunications Market Take, 1Q02
Wm. L. Hahn.


Cautious Optimism at the 3GSM World Congress 2002
Ben Wood, Jason Chapman, Delia MacMillan, Alan Brown, Monica Basso.

Mobile Infrastructure Revenue: Worldwide, 1996-2005
Jason Chapman.

Trends and Developments in Wireless Data Applications
Michael King, Tole Hart.

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